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Questions and Answers

This page can answer some of your questions regarding counselling at the CSC


The following questions are common questions in coming to counselling: 

Does my Counsellor know what they are doing? 

They do! Absolutely! Throughout their schooling they have been trained and taught to respond to individuals through various courses. What they don't necessarily have is the experience putting it all together. All the students at the CSC have been vetted for foundational skills that support the safe and ethical practice needed to start and complete sessions. They don't have the experience yet. But they do have the skills to provide you with a supportive counselling experience. 

What will counselling do for me? 

Counselling will provide you with opportunity to have dedicated time to discuss your mental wellness. Counselling will allow you and your counsellor to talk through challenging experiences and be made aware of skills that can be used to support change in your a variety of areas of your life. This time and effort of both counsellor and client has been shown to provide best outcomes for an increase in mental wellness and decrease in challenging symptoms.  

How does supervision work at the CSC? 

The CSC provides direct (in-session) and indirect (after session) supervision of students and the sessions that they complete. With a clients permission a supervisor will either be present (one way mirror concept) during the session to observe the counsellor, or the session will be recorded to provide supervision of the session after it is completed. All recordings will be kept confidential and will be erased as supervision is completed. The supervisor provides, support through teaching of skills, observation of counsellor strengths and supporting client desires for outcomes in session. The supervisor works for both the client and the supervisee. 

How much does a session cost? 

The sessions will cost between 85$ and 50$. You will decide how much you can afford. We will not ask any financial questions, we are just hoping to support both client and student. 

An individual can request on lump sum payment for the month. That will be 200$ for the monthly subscription and a client will get 4 sessions for the 200$ up front payment. 

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