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3 Immediate Ideas to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever gotten such a high stress level it threw you into an anxiety attack you wished never happened? There are ways around anxiety attacks that can lessen the effects without a counseling session. Sometimes a counselor may not always be available at the drop of a hat.

When these situations occur, you will have to take charge and learn some quick fixes to this problem, so it does not continue to overwhelm you. It is easier to say than to take these steps, but doing these three things, can help you until your next appointment:

  • Proper breathing;

  • Have a friend on speed dial;

  • Do something else to occupy your mind.

Take Deep Breaths and Control Your Breathing

Lack of oxygen to the brain can trigger these anxiety attacks. The proper way to get an adequate amount of oxygen to the brain is by taking a deep breath inward through the nasal passage. After getting the full effect of inhaling, release the air through your mouth, and do this several times until the anxiety has passed.

Some find it easier to breathe in a paper bag. This may not get the oxygen levels to the brain as needed as it restricts the airflow. Your lungs and your brain need the full effect for this to work properly.

Talk to a Friend or Family Member

Once you have calmed down with the breathing exercises, you should continue to keep your mind occupied and talk to someone you trust, like a best friend or a family member. Talking always helps, and hearing a friendly voice calms and soothes the soul. As you speak about what is troubling you, you will feel that pressure begin to fall off and your heart rate goes back to normal.

Do Something Else To Keep Your Mind Occupied

The last idea helps to seal the deal as you move along back to your routine. Find something else to work on or do to keep you facing idle time. Everyone knows we need rest, but too much idle time will bring a person deep in thought and worry, which will lead to another anxiety attack.

Sometimes the second anxiety attack may be worse than the first one. To avoid this, do some aerobics, listen to music, do a puzzle, or perhaps some work around the house that may have been lingering. The point is to get your mind thinking elsewhere other than what got you to begin stressing in the first place.

Upon Your Next Visit

The entire point of counseling is to help you with your anxiety issues so that they become less frequent, and better yet, diminish altogether. Hand deliver the notes you take on the details of the attacks and the after-effects to the counselor. Together, they can overlook it with you and see your progress.

Keeping up with this practice will help you each time you face the attacks until you can get to the next meeting.

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