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Employee Counselling Support

Our vision is to ensure every small business owner can access affordable mental wellness and counseling services for their employees, clients, and loved ones. We are dedicated to providing exceptional support to those with limited access, offering our services with compassion and expertise

Basic Support 

Our supportive services start at $100/month:

- up to 3 employees or individuals connected to you and your business (family, personal referral)

- 3 full sessions/month  with one of our qualifying professional counsellors.

- Start anytime, Cancel anytime. 

- Savings are immeasurable 


Advanced Support 

Our advanced support at $200/month:

- 4 staff/family or personal referrals

- 4 sessions a month. 

- Bi-Weekly Online Stress Reduction Sessions - confidential, presented online

- Start or Cancel anytime 


Premiere Support 

Our Premier support at $400/month offers access to counselling for up to

- 10 Staff/Family or personal referrals

- 4 sessions per month 

- access to a Semi-Annual Mental Health Workshop for Staff, this is tailored to and  delivered online or in Person.  

- Start and Cancel anytime 


Built For Your Business 

This is tailored to your small companies needs. Contact us to help us build a program to support your needs. or 587-707-4693 

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